The University at Buffalo (UB) is collaborating with partners across the institution on training that aims to broaden understanding and awareness of inclusion topics across STEM faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students. These partnerships bring together people who work toward a similar aim which, as the collaboration grows over time, will allow for greater coordination of efforts and resource sharing, resulting in greater reach and impact.

An initial scan of UB’s institutional culture, as it relates to topics of inclusion across specific STEM disciplines, was performed in Fall 2017. This baseline helps measure the growth of inclusive thoughts and practices as various training is implemented – such as the recently offered workshop entitled ‘Advising today’s Graduate Student: Solutions You Can Use Immediately’, presented to STEM faculty and postdoctoral scholars by Dr. Anne M. Etgen. This program focused on increased awareness of individual and group perspectives, experiences, and identities, as well as structural and systemic issues that contribute to the oppression or marginalization of underrepresented groups.